Duna Blanca Ski & Snow Shop

Skis Hire Shop

Pas de la Casa, Andorra.

About us

Why choose Duna Blanca?

Ideally located at the foot of the slopes and uniquely located on the right bank of the Pas de la Casa ski area.

Free access to slopes through our private tunnel, reserved for our clients.

When you meet our staff you will see how passionate they are about skiing and snowboarding, some of them are instructors.

This team of enthusiasts will provide you with equipment that is perfectly adjusted to your experience, your physique and, above all, your goal on the track.

Rest assured that your language will not be an obstacle for us, so that you can make the most of your days in the mountains.

Our equipment

In Duna Blanca you can find the material you are looking for (alpine, freestyle, all mountain, freeride).

You can also choose two types of ranges:

Medium range (silver)-Premium range (gold)

We want to offer quality equipment for individuals.

* By making your reservation by email or on the Olimpiades website, you will receive a 20% discount on the detailed rate (see below).





Medium range :

Versatile and very comfortable skis, intended for beginner and intermediate skiers looking for an easy ski that allows them to quickly improve their technique. Skis that offer good performance and a good balance between pleasure and emotion.

Premium range :

For a more experienced skier who wants to have fun with skis more suited to their level of skiing. A very varied offer that goes from slalom to off-piste, through freestyle and freeride. A more specific range for a more demanding skier.

Medium range :

Beginner or intermediate surfer who wants to continue evolving with a more forgiving snowboard and without too many limitations.

Premium range :

More experienced surfers or those looking for a more exclusive surf, which allows you to choose between freeride or freestyle, for more pleasure and excitement.

Your opinions

Let our customers speak for us and tell you directly about the Duna Blanca experience, we thank you for your loyalty.


We also have a repair shop, so that your skis and our skis are always on top. It is located to the right of our private access tunnel to the slopes.


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Tel: +376 755 462

Email: dunablanca200@gmail.com

Write to us to make You can book through our Olimpiades website and make a paid reservation:


Or make your reservation manually without prior payment and get in both cases a 20% OFF!

Following your request, we will send you your reservation voucher with the exact amount to be paid upon arrival. This voucher will serve as proof.